Lily Leather, since 1983

Lily Leather, since 1983

The foundation of Zambak Deri dates back to 1983. Yücel Kuş, who does handicrafts at home in order to support the home economy because his wife, who is a teacher, cannot afford the expenses, convinces the woman who distributes the works and opens a business. Thus, while contributing to the economy of the house, they will be able to buy their children the toys they want.

In the shop opened, contract manufacturing begins by attaching cloth to the throw pillows knitted at home with handicrafts. Production capacity increases when other women experiencing economic difficulties are included in the work. In the throw pillows, handmade knitted sweaters are used and included in the production to be made by hand.

This is how the system works until the beginning of the 90's. Even if you stumble once or twice and get up, you continue on your way with the pleasure of getting the reward of your hard work.

A Turkish wholesaler from France agrees with Zambak Giyim for the manufacture of handcrafted jackets made of leather, and Zambak Deri's lifeblood is given there. Working with leather is now more enjoyable when the new model, created by mixing leather and handcrafted knitting, also holds.

Our "Leaf Jacket" model, which was born in this period, still continues to push the peak in sales. Setting out with the power of women, Zambak Deri continues to grow by drawing other women of the family into the business. Exports started from domestic sales and Turkish wholesalers in Europe started to market handcrafted leather jackets.

The economic difficulties in the country continue to affect the business life. As we approach the 2000s, it has become more difficult to see ahead. The economic difficulties made it necessary for the route to turn towards exports.

In order to revive the stagnating business, the members of the family start to work from all sides.

New models and new techniques are produced and the road continues.

A new woman who joined the family after the wedding of the son of the house in 2010 will come to the fore in the conduct of the business. With the one-to-one trainings she received from Yücel Kuş, the founder of the business, a woman will again be at the head of the business. The men of the family will continue to be the supporters of the business, which always survives with the power of women.

At the first Leather Fair they attended in 2013, customers who knew their business and were looking forward to Zambak Deri's participation in the fair show their interest from the very first minutes and the first fair is successfully completed. The route is turned to export as the domestic sales are reduced by those who imitate the production of Zambak Deri. As the fairs continue, Zambak Deri starts to visit its customers in their own homes.

In 2015, the first step is taken to England and sales of handcrafted leather are completed first hand. With the subsequent Paris, Copenhagen, New York and Tokyo fairs, Zambak Deri finds its place in boutiques that attract high attention with the Zamback brand.

The adventure that started in a small workshop in 1983 continues in boutiques around the world in the 2020s.

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